Pablano’s 4 ways: Preparing the peppers

0627151633First things first, lets get the peppers ready to be used! Start by putting your beautiful peppers on a direct flame, such as a gas stove. Make sure to blister the skin really well, all over each pepper. As each pepper is finished, place them into a bowl covered with a plate. 0627151634Keep the peppers in the bowl, covered, for at least 30 minutes. The longer the peppers steam, the easier they will be to skin. After steaming, take each pepper and gently rub the skin off using paper towels or napkins. 0627151719After removing the skins, pull the stems out, and then run your finger down the center. Once you have split the peppers in half, remove the seeds. If you want a touch of heat, keep some of the seeds with the pepper. Now, your peppers are ready to use. Remember, this is where the major part of the heat in peppers is located. Pablano peppers are naturally very mild. 0627151726a

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